Website Hosting Ideas & Options For Every Requirement


Register .NET Domains

Dot Net domain is the second most widely used gTLD (generic top-level domain) after the .COM. The domain name is one of the first TLDs (top-level domains), introduced to the Internet in 1985. It is being handled by VeriSign and can be registered through ICANN accredited registrars.


Cheap .ORG Domains

The Cheap dot ORG domains (only $11/year) are a wonderful solution for every consumer that does not posses a limitless budget, but would like to have one of the most widely distributed gTLDs like the .ORG.


Cheap .COM Domain Name Registration

Today more and more web hosting providers offer Cheap Dot Com Domain Name Registrations. Because of the quickly growing number of Cheap Dot Com Domain Name Registrations, it is a difficult task to find free combinations for cheap .COM domains.


Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

Linux Dedicated Hosting

The Operation System of a hosting server is essential to the security of the sites, hosted on it. As most of hosting platforms are Windows based, this is also a big problem for their security. We, Linux-DedicatedHosting.com have devoted our time and resources to find a stable and secure hosting platform for you.


cPanel Dedicated Servers

One of a kind dedicated hosting reseller opportunity.only few hosting resellers allow you to resell more than the standard shared web hosting. Such a reseller is Resellers Panel dot com.


Ultra Dedicated Servers

A dedicated hosting server is a very good thing, especially if you have a high resource demanding web site or several online projects.


Free Web Hosting

Free Website Hosting

You should also make sure that critical requirements of your website are met - if you are using Joomla or any PHP-based CMS, for example, you should make sure that the free hosting package has support for PHP and MySQL.


Free Wordpress Hosting

Journalists have blogs where they write commentaries, politicians have blogs where they share their opinion on popular topics and communicate with their electorate and corporations have blogs, which are intended to create a more personal face for the company.


Free Hosting Provider

With Free Hostia's cluster hosting platform you will get fast loading speeds and good uptime. Without a doubt you should choose FreeHostia if you are looking for a reliable free web hosting provider.


Reseller Hosting Services

Reseller Web Hosting Solutions

There are a lot of reseller web hosting platforms. Without a doubt you will want to choose the best hosting reseller provider that will offer virtually unlimited possibilities for almost no investments at all.


Advanced Multi-currency Reseller Hosting Provider

Considering going into the web hosting reseller business ? In that case you would probably want to be able to sell hosting services to everyone around the world. Well Resellers Panel certainly made it easier for all resellers by implementing a multi-currency billing system.


Reseller Web Hosting Program

Almost everyone nowadays needs a place to situate their web site on. Resellers Panel has this Free Resellers hosting program which has been in motion since 2003 and now has more than 70 000 active resellers.


VPS Hosting Servers

VPS Hosting Plans

This is a virtual simulation of a web hosting server that acts precisely like a dedicated hosting and is much more advanced than any shared webspace hosting account.


VPS Hosting Packages

As a result of latter-day software developments, virtual web servers have been brought in and they've swiftly come to be one of the most widely used web hosting solutions as they offer astonishing performance at a very low price.


Virtual Private Hosting

A low-end Virtual Private Server package is a little more high-priced than the most feature-rich shared site hosting account, but its resources surpass decidedly those of the shared website hosting plan.


Website Hosting Solutions

Bargain Business Web Hosting

As its name signifies, hosting is a service, which entails hosting online content. There are different forms and types of website hosting, based on the goals and on the functions.


Web Hosting Corner Store

Lonex's unlimited business website hosting package is offered for only $4.95/mo. Host unlimited domains & sub-domains (web sites). Unlimited disk storage & data transfer.


Standard Business Web Hosting

Host unlimited domain names & sub domains in a single business shared hosting account with Lonex - a solid hosting and domain name registration services supplier.